Carpathian Mountains in winter (C) Max MilliganRomanian Carpathians in summer (C) Max MilliganSunset in the Carpathian Mountains (C) Max MilliganRomanian Carpathians (C) Max Milligan

It is with deep sorrow we inform you that on 8th December Doug Tompkins died in a kayaking accident in Southern Chile, a place he had come to call home. In my opinion the greatest conservationist of our time, the extent of achievements that Doug, and his beloved wife Kris, have accomplished is nothing short of a miracle. The landscapes and lives that Doug has protected and touched during his lifetime are beyond valuation or measure. His quiet nature, generous heart and forward thinking made him a very, very special individual. I am extremely privileged to have first met him in Argentina (2007) and subsequently spent time with him and Kris in Scotland, Romania and London. I only hope we can all live up to his expectations and make the changes that are needed for life to continue on earth.

Paul Lister

“If you’re not willing to take the political heat, then you shouldn’t get into the game of land conservation, especially on a large scale.” - Doug Rainsford Tompkins (March 20, 1943 – December 8, 2015)